The technology has progressed a lot since the days of plain old DV. Here’s a cool clip made with an $800 Canon HV20

Escape from Kyle Shields on Vimeo.

Red Scarlet

July 10th, 2008

A 3k 120 FPS camera for under $3,000 is kind of a big deal for multimedia producers…


July 6th, 2008 is a new project between Justin Robert Young and myself. We’re trying to reinvent television news on a zero budget. Launched a little over 10 days ago, Justin has already racked up an impressive number of interviews. Have a look for yourself at what we’ve been up to.

PicLens: Seeing the geist

July 6th, 2008

My friend Trey Ratcliff showed me this very cool tool for scanning gazillions of images all at once. It’s a very useful way for a media producer to find photos and videos. It works in Safari and FireFox. It’s really worth just checking out. PicLens