Fan generated content

January 24th, 2008

Fans not only love to get information about the objects of their adulation, they also like to discuss it and create content. Many publications are comprised of articles by writers who aren’t paid for their submissions. Articles in most niche magazines are written by fans and enthusiasts. They don’t do it for the money; they do it for the love of it. Pick a niche, and you’ll find tons of people who want to tell other people what they think about it.

Fans can provide content based on personal experiences, reviews, advice, historical background and event coverage. Some of it will be well written, some won’t. The key is to have more content to choose from than you require.

You can get people to submit content by posting notices on websites, message boards and via email. If you see some really well done fan sites, send them an email and ask if they’d be willing to submit something. Poetyr compilations do this all the time.

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