What kind of business sense would you attribute to a store that closed on the busiest shopping day of the year? What would you think of a TV network that decided to air reruns on the one night that most of America is in front of the televisions? Welcome to the world of podcasting.

As Christmas season goes into full swing a number of podcasters have begun to slow down their schedule or stop all together. There are lots of valid reasons for doing this, but one very bad reason not to. The busiest day of the year for the iTunes store is Christmas day. This Christmas tens of millions of new iPods will be plugged into computers as new owners look for content to put on to them.

What does it say for the fledgling podcasting industry when the vast majority of podcasts in the iTunes store are two weeks old on the busiest day of the year?

I’m not saying that podcasters should tell their families to shove off for the holiday so they can make their podcasts, but putting together something better than “best of” show wouldn’t be a bad idea. A “best of” show is always a bad idea in my opinion. Now is the time for that really special interview or the really big end of year show. Now is the time to really shine. Put your best content out there. Your single biggest chance to see a one day pop is Christmas day. Don’t put up a closed for the holidays sign.

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