The big four niches

November 27th, 2007

There are four major areas that content producers continue to tap into time after time. Every major publisher has divisions devoted exclusively to publishing books in these areas:

  • Dieting
  • Exercise
  • Finance
  • Relationships

If you look at the top selling non-fiction books, you’ll see those categories repeatedly. At any given point there’s a new diet fad in bookstores, a new exercise system in health clubs, and new ways to get rich and find love. You’ll see the authors of these books and systems on talk shows explaining their concepts.

Often, their concept is something that started as a niche that they’re now bringing to a mainstream audience. Both the Atkins diet and the South Beach diet were originated for specific groups of people. After being successfully marketed there, they were presented to a wider audience with much success.

Videos like 8 Minute Abs are geared towards people who don’t like to exercise – which includes every person on the planet who doesn’t go to a gym on a regular basis. Specifically, a video like that is target towards women who don’t choose to spend much time exercising. The appeal is a promised short cut to a healthy body.

I suspect some people spend more on making money than they actually do saving their money. When I see a wealth seminar advertised for $5,000, I ask myself if the people who are going to it have no trouble getting the cash to spend on that event, do they really need it?

The key to approaching the big four is to come at one of them with a unique angle based upon some special interest area. In the 1980’s a big trend was exercises based upon dance moves. Later on we began to see exercises based on martial arts. A small, but growing trend is exercise based upon stripping and pole dancing. I love this country more than words can say.

People are always looking for a new gimmick – especially in areas they’re interested in but haven’t had much success with. This creates an eternal quest for the one system that actually works. Given the fact that there are more books on dieting and nutrition now than ever and people are getting ever more fat, it seems likely that those niches are only going to expand with people’s waist lines.

Here are three ingredients to any successful concept for the big four niches:

1. Makes it look easy

2. Uses an approach that was “tested” in some specific area

3. Sounds conceivably plausible

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